Dream Photoshoots now available!

Ever wanted your portrait taken on a beach?  In front of a castle?  In the historic streets of Virginia?

Now we can do just that.  You pick the location, we talk about dates, and you’ll have the time of your life.  You will have beautiful portraits to display and treasure for the rest of your life.

There’s nothing quite like celebrating you who you are, all of you, in a space and place that speaks to your soul.  I would love to capture that spirit and beauty in a portrait for you to love.

Contact me today to chat!  Share your favorite location with me.  You might be surprised, we might be kindred spirits.  🙂 

Never be afraid to be different!


heArt Market owner, Kim!

Today I wanted to share this beautiful woman, Kim. She’s an inspiration.
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I met Kim one day while I was wandering around Old Colorado Springs and saw this new, cute little shop had opened since my last visit. My friends and I took a look around, and Kim was SO helpful. My mom asked about the teas on sale, and Kim proceeded to make another suggestion that was more tailored to her needs. She even wrote it down so we would remember! I fell in love with her shop (the heArt Market) and, as they say, the rest is history!
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Kim is a wonderfully creative person with a dedication to giving back. I strongly encourage you to check out her shop, chat with her and learn more about what she can do for you. She’s so diverse!

The heArt Market is located at 2524 1/2 Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado! 

And now for something Completely Different!

Sometimes I just have to break away from the portraits I normally do.  And it’s fantastic when I find someone else who shares a creative vision that has been pestering me!

Corsets and cemeteries.  It doesn’t get better than this.  🙂

Meet Christi- Joy and Creativity

Christi is the person who is always there to listen to others.  She’s creative and intelligent, and one of her major turning points in her life was having her sons.


Christi is also an author, and her works are featured in four different works- Ashes to SunriseGood ThingsAmor Vincit Omnia and Belllator.  Be sure to check them out on Amazon via the links! 


Some might call Christi a nerd with her cosplay from Witcher, but I just call her a kindred spirit.  She lets her creative shine in every aspect of her life, and that’s something we call need.  🙂

Here’s Sara, an entrepreneur and gorgeous woman

“I am the person who is not afraid to try new things, go new places and bring people together based on shared interests and values.”


This gorgeous woman has done so much.  She left her hometown, joined the Peace Corps, worked in 10 countries around the world, owns her own business (www.justcocooil.com), and has founded and organized handcrafted artisan festivals (www.makerfair.org), just to name a few of her life experiences.  She and her partner adopted 3 dingos they found abandoned in the Philippine jungle, and they are about the cutest things ever.

I am so grateful to have met Sara, and attended her Maker Fair events.  I’m sad to see her move onto Hawaii this year, but I look forward seeing what she does next.  In closing, I’ll leave you with Sara’s thoughts on beauty:

“Beauty is feeling confident.  It is feeling good in your skin, hopeful and excited for the future and grateful for your life experiences.”

Let’s celebrate Jennifer

“We as women have so much more strength and power within ourselves that I think often is overlooked if we let that happen. But the often quiet strength I see in women I admire cannot be fully expressed. It is beautiful.” ~Jennifer


Today we meet Jennifer, a stunning natural beauty.  She has an amazing laugh and smile, she’s outgoing, smart and has passion and drive for life.  She loves to dance and snowboard- she personally feels the most beautiful when she’s active.


Time abroad as an English teacher made Jennifer feel independent, capable, adventurous, and able to make the best decisions about her life on her own.  She tells me that she strives to make a lasting impression and positive impact on those who are in her life.  Considering I won’t be forgetting this beautiful woman any time soon, I’m sure she has done just that.  🙂

Today we meet Melissa

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.


Melissa writes “There is beauty in what you ARE at your core; it has nothing to do with what you look like on the outside. It’s about your soul, your personality… what you create and what you contribute to the world. It’s about being true to yourself and following your heart, no matter what others might think.” I agree with Melissa 110%- she explains beauty so accurately.


When Melissa isn’t getting tattoos or running her business near Colorado Springs (check it out here: Melissa LuLaRoe), she’s caring for her six (yes, you read that right- 6!) dogs.  She’s very active in rescuing dogs, especially Boston Terriers, and volunteers with local rescue organizations. Her life is very much her own, and I personally admire and strive for that.  She writes “I have managed to let go of worry that I will disappoint others with my choices. I am proud of myself that I have finally found the strength to say, “This is my life, and I’m going to live every day in a way that brings me joy.” It took me a long time to get here.” What a stage of life to celebrate!!


Melissa stepped out of her comfort zone and went for it in the above photos.  Will you join her?  White sheet session add ons are amazing and fun!


Meet Patty, a woman full of life and vitality!

Patty shares a little bit with me about her thoughts on confidence:

“I believe confidence makes a person beautiful when they have overcome obstacles and struggles in their life, when they feel their own strength and determination, and they shine from within!”


You see, this beautiful woman has overcome much in her life.  She has undergone open heart surgery and survived an aneurysm that was found in her brain.  Despite all of this, she shares her light for life with many, including kindergarten and 1st grade homeschool students enrolled in a Colorado Springs area enrichment program.


Patty would like women to realize that they are beautiful, despite what they look like or what they have gone through.  She celebrates every day of her life.  I am so grateful to have spent time with this wonderful woman and to learn a bit of her story.

I’ll end my celebration of Patty with her life’s motto, one that I think is truly gorgeous.

“I’d rather attempt something great and fail, than attempt nothing, and succeed!!”


30 Days of Beautiful Project completion!

I am so excited to show you this!

After many months and lots of amazing women, my 30 Days of Beautiful project is complete!  The original plan was to take portraits all in the same month and wrap up the project the very next month.  Well, like plans do, things changed. I have met some amazing women, had the opportunity to take their portraits, and I will be sharing a little bit of their stories with you this month.

Let’s kick off 2017 with a month of Beauty, Courage & Light!



Colorado Springs, Colorado