Today I wanted to share this beautiful woman, Kim. She’s an inspiration.
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I met Kim one day while I was wandering around Old Colorado Springs and saw this new, cute little shop had opened since my last visit. My friends and I took a look around, and Kim was SO helpful. My mom asked about the teas on sale, and Kim proceeded to make another suggestion that was more tailored to her needs. She even wrote it down so we would remember! I fell in love with her shop (the heArt Market) and, as they say, the rest is history!
2016,SP,february,glamour,heart gallery,
Kim is a wonderfully creative person with a dedication to giving back. I strongly encourage you to check out her shop, chat with her and learn more about what she can do for you. She’s so diverse!

The heArt Market is located at 2524 1/2 Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado!