“I am the person who is not afraid to try new things, go new places and bring people together based on shared interests and values.”


This gorgeous woman has done so much.  She left her hometown, joined the Peace Corps, worked in 10 countries around the world, owns her own business (www.justcocooil.com), and has founded and organized handcrafted artisan festivals (www.makerfair.org), just to name a few of her life experiences.  She and her partner adopted 3 dingos they found abandoned in the Philippine jungle, and they are about the cutest things ever.

I am so grateful to have met Sara, and attended her Maker Fair events.  I’m sad to see her move onto Hawaii this year, but I look forward seeing what she does next.  In closing, I’ll leave you with Sara’s thoughts on beauty:

“Beauty is feeling confident.  It is feeling good in your skin, hopeful and excited for the future and grateful for your life experiences.”