Patty shares a little bit with me about her thoughts on confidence:

“I believe confidence makes a person beautiful when they have overcome obstacles and struggles in their life, when they feel their own strength and determination, and they shine from within!”


You see, this beautiful woman has overcome much in her life.  She has undergone open heart surgery and survived an aneurysm that was found in her brain.  Despite all of this, she shares her light for life with many, including kindergarten and 1st grade homeschool students enrolled in a Colorado Springs area enrichment program.


Patty would like women to realize that they are beautiful, despite what they look like or what they have gone through.  She celebrates every day of her life.  I am so grateful to have spent time with this wonderful woman and to learn a bit of her story.

I’ll end my celebration of Patty with her life’s motto, one that I think is truly gorgeous.

“I’d rather attempt something great and fail, than attempt nothing, and succeed!!”