Welcome Survivor!

I wish to empower you with portraits.  Why?  Because you are a Survivor.

You have been through so much.  You’re still going through so much.  You’ll never completely be through your experience with cancer, it has become part of you.  You are a survivor.
You are also beatiful.  Yes, you’re different than you used to be.  I hear those little voices in your head.  But you are GORGEOUS.  Inside and out.
Let me capture that beauty on camera and show it back to you.

I wish to empower you, the Survivor, to feel beautiful in the skin you have now.  No matter your shape, size or hair length, I can show you your beauty.  Let me help you embrace the change.

Let me empower you and capture your fighters spirit on camera.  Let’s celebrate what you have grown to be, a survivor.
Contact me below if you are interested in being photographed for the upcoming book project, I’d love to showcase you and your story in an empowering way! 

Contact me to chat today!